Cryogenic Trucking Inc. - Known as CTI started out in 2015 at El Paso TX.. Our main objective is to serve the hazardous materials market by hauling bulk materials across the border between Mexico and the USA. At the beginning we operated only in one border, Cd. Juarez -  El Paso. Nowadays we have expanded our operations to the three main borders between Mexico and USA, Tijuana -  San Diego (Otay), Nuevo Laredo - Laredo and Cd. Juarez -  El Paso. Quick response, effective solutions and a well managed team are the traits that have made it possible for our company to grow and give a quality service.


Establish a national leadership in the transportation for Hazardous Materials between USA & Mexico contributing to its development. Our commitment is to be a reference model in service, achieving customer satisfaction through personalized assistance and door to door logistic solutions.



We work hard to provide solutions to transporting hazardous materials for our clients. Our commitment to our clients is to give them a door to door service between USA and Mexico thus contributing to their performance and competitiveness and to provide cost-effective supply chain solutions. This company-client relationship is very important to us so that together we can achieve our goals.

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